Fully electric moped

We're all about keeping it simple. So, we've made our electric mopeds as easy to use as possible while still being able to get you around the city or urban areas in style.

You can choose between our two models: the Roma, our Italian inspired classic or the Milano, with a more modern twist. Equipped with luxury brand LG batteries with a warranty of 3 years.

The Roma

Travel in style with the retro classic Roma. Whether you are reliving your youth with the Italian classic or just loving the curves on our Roma, we have you covered!

The Milano

The sleek, clean modern look designed to turn heads. Perfect for summer days riding along the beach front or travelling through the city on your commute.

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No congestion • Minimal maintenance costs • Zero emissions • Premium LG battery . Easy to use •

Absolutely love my bike

It's brilliant and has halved my commute time in London. The Helmet is really comfy too.  It didn’t take long to get used to the torque, very quick off the mark and battery life spot on. Great customer service, thank you Moda.

Daniel Cleave, Clapham
Purchased the Roma in khaki green


I bought the Milano for use with my motorhome. I was surprised at the weight of the scooter, it is lightweight compared to some motorbikes and fits perfectly in my garage. Looking forward to traveling around Europe. It will make our lives so much easier to park up the motorhome and nip to the shops and go out for a bite to eat.

Steve Alan, Manchester
Purchased the Milano in white

Great Fun

LOVE LOVE LOVE my bike! So cool and so much fun, everyone comments on her when I'm out. I use mine mainly for short trips to the town and to get to the tennis club. Where I live it is very hilly and the bike copes perfectly.

Emma Beeby, Bath

Purchased the Roma in peppermint green & white